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Consulting Services

Assessing Potential





HWG will meet with you and help determine which markets are best suited for your product or service. We perform preliminary market research and present a cohesive plan outlining which markets boast the most potential for your business.

Intellectual property is a critical consideration of any new business, especially in the science world. HWG can help you determine which IP strategy is optimal for your given product or company. We can also determine in which markets you should seek intellectual property protection. Additionally, we'll help budget how much capital is required from initial patent filing to issued patent, and strategies to combine applications where possible.

Assessing Markets
IP Strategy





Investment &



HWG can work with you in determining how much business development expense is required to bring your product through the various stages. We work with you in determining what that budget will be, from securing intellectual property protection, through developing prototypes and doing research, to clearing regulatory hurdles and entering the market.

HWG has experience in working with both dilutive and non-dilutive funding options. Together with you, we create a cohesive fundraising strategy to match your business development needs and goals. HWG can assist with finding and applying for various business development grants.

BD Costs
Investment Strategy



Research & 



HWG can help you navigate the regulatory environment and devise a plan to get your product registered with the appropriate agency. We'll work with you in a variety of the regulatory stages from initial government contact to collection of research to support your applications.

HWG provides a unique perspective on R&D collaboration projects. With our industry and academic connections, we work with you in partnering with various organizations or institutions with the same goals in mind. We provide options on how to get your R&D program grant funded.

Regulatory Assessment
R&D Collaboration
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