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Our fees can be accurately determined after our initial meetings. Here are estimates:​

  • A general strategy outline is free.  That is how we communicate to you what we are about and help you decide if working with us is right for you.

  • An expanded strategy outline with helpful step-by-step sections takes a few hours of our time, typically costing around a couple hundred dollars.

  • Researching and writing a complete business plan, which can be used to secure financing or pitch investors, has a wide price range, depending on your needs.  Business plans have ranged from $1800 to $8500 depending on complexity and research requirements.

  • Assigning us to take over the planning and/or execution of an entire area of your business, such as IP strategy, R & D, or PR, is something we negotiate on a month to month basis after initial meetings.
  • We also can provide guaranteed quotes for researching and writing grant and other applications for you after the first meeting. Our fees for applications include gathering the necessary supporting data, writing the application, and getting it in front of the right person. There are no surprise costs. 

In accordance with Our Philosophy, if we want to work with you, we are always open to equity as a partial or complete form of payment.

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