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How We Work


Step 1) Get the Conversation Started.

Fill out this form to give us an idea of what kind of business or idea you have.  You don't have to divulge any trade secrets. It doesn't matter how developed your idea is at this point. If we determine that we have sufficient expertise in the relevant areas to offer our help, we will invite you to take part in a more detailed discussions.  If not, we will try to introduce you to someone we know that might be able to help you.

Step 2) Discuss Goals, Strategy and Process.


Let's chat about your business or idea in more detail so that we can get to know what you want, how you see things going so far, and what sort of help you're looking to find.  We will then provide you with a strategy overview which includes a list of key recommendations, such as advice on any areas where we can help.  If you want to continue to work with us you can activate step 3. Either way, we hope the strategy overview provides some valuable advice to get started in areas you may not have considered yet.

Step 3)  Retain HWG to consult, and determine a plan and fee structure that aligns incentives.


If you want to move quickly and inexpensively, a high-level guiding strategy document may be all you need. This alone can help avoid several time-wasting mistakes in developing your idea or growing your business.  If you want HWG to work on your behalf, or provide more specific instruction, advice, or research, you may wish to activate a more in depth partnership. 

HWG knows that in the early development of a business, flexibility can be immensely helpful. In many circumstances, equity can be used as partial or complete payment.  For more information, visit Our Philosophy.

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