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Our Work

A few examples of ways that a client may choose to activate our services:

Example 1) HWG does a one-time strategy assessment to determine how and when to start protecting your intellectual property, including which countries to patent in and which types of applications to use.  We consider the merits of each country's market and regulatory situation and make a proposal for you along with a fairly precise cost estimate. We have done this effectively and secured patents in 9 countries and counting.  We do not practice law, so we do not get involved with filing the paperwork and executing the process you choose; however, we can provide referrals to good law firms and provide accurate and efficient direction to them.


Example 2) HWG writes a business plan for your business.  This is typically a 20-50 page document describing all aspects of your business and how it can make money. This document opens a lot of doors for applying for grants, loans, and prizes, and attracting investors.  This project typically takes a few weeks, and the content is yours to do with as you please.


Example 3) HWG conducts a technology partnership review of your potential business.  This is a fast-turnaround assessment of how your business is positioned to interact with academic and industrial researchers, universities, government grants and laboratories, and governments. From here, you may choose to use this info to reach out and create collaborations yourself, of you can ask for our help with building these mutually beneficial partnerships.


Example 4) HWG creates an investor-engagement plan.  This project offers answers to the following questions:  Why would an investor want to get involved with your company? How could it be more appealing?  Where do you find such investors?  What are your best alternatives to investors?  How does your company need to be structured regarding corporate governance and financials to be most attractive? How would you begin the search for investor funding/partnership? How long does this process take?  This project can be launched at any phase of development, but is particularly helpful after an initial prototype of the product or technology has been created for demonstration purposes.


Example 5) HWG writes a regulatory navigation plan specifically for your company.  What regulations limit your development? To whom can you sell and when?  What claims can you make about your product or technology?  What different strategies need to be employed for different countries?

Example 6) HWG provides a budget for reaching all of the goals you say you want to reach.  It can be difficult do estimate how much funding will be necessary, and a lot of processes depend on getting that number right early.

Example 7) HWG creates a media relations plan that places your company in the area of maximum, free exposure.  What kind of story is likely to be picked up about your company?  Whom can you talk to about this? What should team members say and not say? What is the best timing for your company to be in the biggest spotlight? HWG can also execute this plan for you, and represent you as necessary.

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