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Our Philosophy

Sometimes a twenty-minute conversation can save thousands of dollars. We founded HWG on the principle of mutual benefit.  If we can share some of the experiences we have had in exploring ideas and growing businesses so that another entrepreneur or young company can avoid the mistakes we have made and capitalize on the opportunities we missed or took too long to find, that would satisfy our mission.


If we can spend two hours completing something we know a lot about, something that would have taken you many days, we would feel like we have created mutual benefit.  We refuse to work with anyone unless we think that any money they spend on our services will be returned at a major premium in saved time and money down the road.


Early in our entrepreneurial careers, we came to know what a bad consultant is, chiefly by working with them. A bad consultant is a hired gun that doesn't second guess their client. A bad consultant would work on an idea they thought was doomed to fail as long as the retainer kept getting replenished.  A bad consultant doesn't know everything that has ever been published about your company before your first meeting.


Fortunately, we also had the pleasure of working with some excellent consultants.  An excellent consultant saves you more money than they cost.  They are part of your team.  They would be happy to attend an important meeting for you and you would feel well represented. They will catch every typo on your website because they are instinctively concerned about your image. They are prepared to get in front of a television camera to represent your company accurately and professionally. 


If you don't know how to get three diverse people with different expertise to agree to a collaboration, we will physically be there to get them in a room and facilitate it. If you don't know where to begin getting the media talking about your idea, we will introduce you.  If you have no idea which countries you should start the patenting process in, we will show you the metrics we have used to do it before, and help you come up with new metrics to make an evidence-based decision.


If being on camera or in front of a crowd makes you nervous, we will represent your company as a team member who is fully knowledgeable.  Being there, and being knowledgeable; finding ways to use evidence-based decision-making in uncharted waters; building mutual benefit between groups you never thought of approaching; and finding outside funding to get it done is what we do. 

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