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Bridging Science & Business

A collaborative approach to science-business development.



Step 1: Get the Conversation Started


Introduce us to your business or idea.

Determine if HWG is right for your project.

How We Work

To learn more about how we typically approach our projects, check out How We Work.  Additionally, you can check out the various projects we're currently working on.

HWG knows that in the early development of a business, flexibility can be immensely helpful. We're all about collaboration and aligning incentives. Therefore, in many circumstances, equity can be used as partial or complete payment.  For more information, visit Our Philosophy.

Fill out this form to give us an idea of what kind of business or idea you have. It doesn't matter how developed your idea is at this point and you don't have to divulge any trade secrets. 




Tel:  780-581-4759

You can fill out this form to give us some introductory information and have one of our team members contact you.

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